Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fourth of July Ideas ♥

 Can you believe it's the fourth already?! It seems like Christmas was just here. Anyway, hope you're able to get a few ideas from the pics below ;)
P.S. There are a few random pics thrown in as well :)
P.P.S. Sorry about the picture presentation, I'm still working on that :P

Courtesy of Pinterest

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Visit to the Creek

Hi y'all!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted before now, moving has really been taking up my time. Finally, I've found a few minutes to spare :)
   I've been wanting to post some pictures I took when spring first started ( which, I'm unhappy to say, is ending ) of our creek and my brothers. I hope you all enjoy them!!! :)

A horse shoe my brother Robert found.

A Craw- dad my brother John caught.
My brother, Robert.

I hope you all appreciate that my freshly-painted green toe nails were messed up for your enjoyment ;)
A rovk that my brother said looks just like a dog's head. I think he's right:)

I hope you enjoyed this post ♥ Some time over the next month or so, Julia will be guest posting! I can't wait to see what she posts about :) Have a nice day!