Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Sunflower Award


Recently, I was awarded the Sunflower Award by Sarah (thanks Sarah!). It's a bit like the Sunshine award, but has a few slight differences. The rules are:

1. Share 11 facts about yourself 
2. Answer the questions set by your nominated blogger
3. Nominate bloggers of your choice and amount
4. And set 7 questions for nominated bloggers

Here are 11 facts about me:

1.I LOOOOOOOVE to read!!!!!
2.I was born in North carolina
3. I enjoy baking
4. I love anything turquoise and lime
5. I Love cats/kittens!
6. I love sparkly, glittery stuff
7. I want to learn to make soap and body care products
8. I love iced coffee
9. I want to learn to speak French
10. I want to visit Paris
 and 11. I enjoy making jewelry

Okay, here are my nominator, Sarah's, questions and my answers :)
1. Why do you like blogging? It's fun, and gives me a chance to to "meet" new people, and work on my English and spelling:)
2. How long have you had your blog? since October of last year.
3. What is your blog about? My life, and things I like.
4. What did you have for lunch? ;) Eggs and sausage ( it was really brunch:)
5. Do you prefer Spring or Fall? Hmmmmm, I love them both!!!
6. Do you like milk? Not unless it's sweetened, or in my cereal, lol!
7. Do you like your hair long, or short? Long

 Now, on to the nominees!!!! 

I nominate: (*drum roll, please*)

Julia at Writing for His glory
Katrina at Broken to beautiful
Noemie at Seeking Jesus 
Sarah  at Trusting in the Lord
Jessica Joy at (Almost) Perfectly Pink 
Bree at Cover up for Christ
If you have already been nominated for the sunflower award, you can just answer my questions in a comment, or if you don't feel like typing up a whole post ;P

Questions for nominees:
1.What book/story in the Bible is your favorite?
2. Would you rather have something old or new? :)
3. Do you enjoy thrift shopping?
5. What color is your hair?
6. What is your favorite body spray/perfume scent/name?
and 7. Would you describe yourself as more of a tom boy, or girly girl?

Hope you all have a nice afternoon! Thanks again Sarah for nominating me1
    Love in Christ,

P.S. What picture is your favorite?

Friday, May 9, 2014

Head Covering - My Testimony

  Hi everyone! I 'm so sorry I haven't had the chance to update my blog sooner! I've been super busy, packing, cleaning, and all the other stuff that comes with moving :P But that doesn't mean you guys aren't in my thoughts ♥! I'm hoping to post some before and after pics of some of the rooms in our new house. We are going to be repairing, repainting, and of course decorating the whole house. It's gonna be fun!!!
   Ever since I posted a post on modest fashion, I've had a few girls ask me where I stand on the issue of head covering, one of whom asked for me to share how I came to start wearing them, and my convictions on this issue.
  When I was around 5 or 6, my Mom became convicted to cover her head during times of worship because of 1 Corinthians 11:3-15.  She started to cover my hair as well. As time went on, we realized that in order to fully obey 1 Cor. 11:5,13, we would need to cover our heads daily. At first, my Dad wasn't sure whether he agreed with our convictions, but eventually, he grew to agree and appreciate them. We have experimented with several kinds of head coverings. The styles we like best look something like this :



   I know some of you are interested in possibly covering your heads, so I've copied the link to all the websites where you can buy any of the head coverings listed below (or above). Just click on "source".